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WAx RE AXIS + Reset + Anaïs-Lin + Anda

WAx: RE:AXIS + Reset + Anaïs-Lin + Anda

00:30 – 06:00
Pre-sale 10€
Door 12€
(Monocline Records, Planet Rhythm) – Portugal
José Diogo Correia aka Re:Axis started his journey in sound at young age, perceiving the vibrations from acoustic and electronic instruments as a tool to create space and travel within. He has released music and toured the world since 2006. It was the year he set the love intentions to share, connect and get inspired through energy and frequencies. All the experience and maturity acquired over the past makes him a unique artist of the dance music scene.
Alter-ego of Lisboner Bruno Alves, DJ and lover of good music was in 96 his first gig vinyl collector adds experiences going through various sounds acquiring luggage with his suitcase on his back the track is his safe haven. In music production, he joined the duo AtlanticTribe along with Joal, where they edited in renowned international publishers. Times change but remain true to your groove, your musical selection will not leave anyone indifferent.
It is an odyssey of dancing and playing in different dance floors around the world that brings this project together. From the Himalayas to Burning Man, Anaïs-Lin blends styles, cruising through tempos, sometimes digital sometimes on vinyl, often deep, dark and psychedelic. A classical enthusiast, a retired pianist, and a dance floor ninja, she travels time and space with the Padang Records family and focusses on making bodies move and brains groove.
Anda, originally from Croatia, but now practically a local in Portugal has been droping groovy tunes around Lisbon for the past four years. So put on your dancing shoes and let’s welcome her to Village Underground on July 1st. Let’s go! Anda!
Visual Artist : Tiago Silva Ribeiro
Portuguese visual artist interested in the relationship between art and science and nature. With a work dedicated to experimental territories, he walks in a multidisciplinary field counting on several creations and artistic developments in the most diverse expressions. During the period 2007–2017, he collaborated with Dub Video Connection (DubLab) to develop set design and visuals for music labels and artists, followed by collaborations with two of the most renowned electronic music festivals: Time Warp Festival and NEOPOP Electronic Music. Festival, while experimentation with techniques such as video mapping and interactive visuals aroused the interest of other artists and publishers such as Sven Väth and Cocoon or Dubfire and Sci-Tech, among others.

WAx: RE:AXIS + Reset + Anaïs-Lin + Anda


01 Jul 2022


Village Underground Lisboa


Village Underground Lisboa
Av. da Índia 52, 1300-299 Lisboa

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