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WAx Augusto Taito x Luis M x Reset x Tiago Ribeiro

WAx: Augusto Taito x Luis M x Reset x Tiago Ribeiro

Augusto Taito His devotion is absolute when it comes to his music, its creation and the sharing of it. This dedication lead him to move from his home town Buenos Aires in Argentina to set up base in Amesterdam, The Netherlands. His productions and performances, satured with his signature sound, expose the nique and compelling sensory experience he has to offer. Aside his versatility and his ability to adpt, his signature sound can be described with beats that run deep, vital mixing and chest saturating lows. Luis M A pioneering figure in the psychedelic techno scene for over a decade, Luis M shows no signs of slowing down. Born and raised in the Almada region of Portugal, Luis has toured the globe performing DJ and Live sets to fans from all corners of Europe, Asia, Africa, North America and South America. Reset Alter ego of Bruno Alves, founder and resident DJ at Waxlx, takes over the clubbing at the Village Underground Lisboa for a techno set that will not be indifferent to techno lovers. Tiago Silva Ribeiro Portuguese audiovisual artist living in Sintra. His works explore the relationship between art, science, and nature, focusing on transforming often unperceived details, actions and reactions into audiovisual experiences. With work dedicated to experimental territories, he walks in a multidisciplinary field with several creations and artistic developments in the most diverse expressions. Door: 15€


WAx: Augusto Taito x Luis M x Reset x Tiago Ribeiro


02 Jun 2023


Village Underground Lisboa


Village Underground Lisboa
Av. da Índia 52, 1300-299 Lisboa

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