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Stereo Addiction backs to the club

Stereo Addiction backs to the club

Stereo Addiction is in the house again!

Gustavo and John-E both grew up in Lisbon without ever crossing each other’s path. They were however united in their will to walk to the beat of a different drum – their own – and to make the world move to the sound of it.

As teenagers they were torn apart, their paths leading them half a world away, before ever getting the chance to meet. John-E moved to the Far East and, while he was convincing club promoters in Macau that he could become a DJ at any time, Gustavo was exploring the depths of the early 90’s UK Acid House scene.

Stereo Addiction backs to the club


16 Fev 2024




Village Underground Lisboa
Village Underground Lisboa
Av. da Índia 52, 1300-299 Lisboa
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