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Rádio Quântica Benefit Party

Rádio Quântica Benefit Party

Community Radio station Quântica throws a benefit party to help covering expenses, server, fixing studio gear and paying staff. The eclectic line-up is revealing of the left-of-center, community lens that Quântica has put in their invaluable work since 2015.

⬤ ✶ No form of prejudice will be accepted in our events: we are a community space with zero tolerance for racism, transphobia, homophobia, fatphobia or any kind of discrimination towards your fellow ravers ✶ DM for address – this is a members-only venue, you can make your membership card at the door ✶ This is a cash-only event ✶ If you would like to join but cannot afford a ticket this time, DM us ✶

Rádio Quântica Benefit Party


27 Jan 2023




Planeta Manas

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