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Manouchka - Gypsy Jazz! La Sharada

Manouchka – Gypsy Jazz! La Sharada

“Manouchka” , an international Gypsy Jazz band founded in 2016 in Lisbon.
Ukrainian violinist Marian Yanchyk , together with guitarist Nuno Marinho, from Coimbra, invite international musicians to share the stages of Portugal. The group has been present at national and international festivals such as the Festival de Jazz Manouche de Piracicaba (Brazil), March
Manouche (Wales), among others. In June 2021 the band organises and participates in the first
edition of @festivaldjangoportugal , a historic event that finally places Portugal on the world map
of gypsy-jazz festivals.
🔸Entrance 3 euro contribution for the artists (ONLY CASH AT THE DOOR)
🔸Book your spot especially if you would like to have dinner during the show
If you’ve never been to La Sharada before you should also know that we serve AUTHENTIC
ITALIAN PIZZA, Cocktails, natural Wines and craft beers, the best craft beer in town that is also sponsoring this event, @doiscorvos

Manouchka – Gypsy Jazz!

La Sharada



26 Jan 2024




La Sharada
R. Jacinta Marto 10b, 1150-192 Lisboa
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