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Jam Session - La Sharada

Jam Session – La Sharada

Get ready an epic Jam Session at “La Sharada” with the resident musicians, Edison Otero (Trumpet) @edisontrompeta , Heriberto Rojas (Bass) @heritorius João Dias Ferreira (Piano) @joao.dias.ferreira , Pedro Gens (Drums) @pedrogens
The first set will be in charge of the resident band and then the stage is open so that anyone can play and be accompanied by the band. All instruments and any genre are welcome, the most important thing is to make music and have fun.
🔸 Entrance: 3€ (Cash Only) – Contribution for the artists
🔸Musician free entry and free drink
🔸 Book your place only if you would like to have dinner
If you’ve never been to La Sharada before you should also know that we serve AUTHENTIC ITALIAN PIZZA, Cocktails and craft beers, the best craft beer in town that is also sponsoring this event, @doiscorvos !!

Jam Session – La Sharada


09 Fev 2023




La Sharada
R. Jacinta Marto 10b, 1150-192 Lisboa

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