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Imaginary Landscapes AT GO A CLUB • FREE ENTRY

Imaginary Landscapes AT GO A CLUB • FREE ENTRY

What is a Supper Club you wonder? It’s a place to enjoy drinks, multiple courses a la carte through an enthusiastic gastronomy journey and perhaps some music and/or other entertainment. Our DJs will ease you into the night as they turn the exquisit Lamda Labs Soundsystem louder eventually bringing the dancefloor to boil in joy and freedom. All aptly set next to the historic fortification walls from 1652 of the Baluarte do Livramento, Lisbon`s old historic “freedom” fortification walls. When you walk in, you usually will first go to the bar area. There is often a feeling of community in supper clubs — people are here to socialize. And dance. When we open the club dancefloor on Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays. The Supper Club comes with a squared bar space where up to 20 fun loving human beings can sit around the counters and the 3 cocktail stations. There is also a 2nd Bar at the end of the dancefloor for easily 150 people and 200 ravers. And a dope soundsystem we can turn up loud. Excited? So are we. See you for Dinner, Wednesday to Saturday 19h onwards. And on the dancefloor Thursdays to Saturdays live music & DJs from 23h until 3am, possibly soon even until 4am. Live music with IMAGINARY LANDSCAPES

Imaginary Landscapes AT GO A CLUB • FREE ENTRY


05 - 25 Fev 2023


23:00 - 18:00


Go A Lisboa - Restaurant & Bar
Calçada Livramento 17, 1350-188 Lisboa

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