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datacentre - DARC - Desterro

datacentre – DARC – Desterro

datacentre plays host to local selector DJ Salti, a live set inbetween from Brasilian artist Naves Cilíndricas, and DJ Ki, one of Lisbon’s finest turntablists. ———— It was through Seia, Bristol, and Lisbon, Salti found his feet as a dancefloor regular, gradually expanding his record collection and development as a DJ in each. Salti’s recent sets have seen him aligned with Christian AB at Sexto (Kultura Zvuku, UA) and Ana Pacheco at ELA, with several appearances at Kasheme, a listening bar in Zurich. Salti also curates the audiovisual event series Elástico at Miradouro de Baixo, the bar and booth at Passevite gallery and is a regular on Rádio Lusofónica. These community-oriented projects reflect his generous approach to DJing, where mutual interaction and creative self-expression are key. ———— Naves Cilíndricas is the musical project of Gabriel Junqueira, a Brazilian artist based in Lisbon. His two latest full-length works, “Imagens de Desastres em Alta Resolução” [via Meia Vida Label], and “Névoa” [via Domina Label] fuse digitally generated tones with hyper-processed vocals, ethereal compositions extrapolating the boundaries between body, sound and image. ———— Curator/founder of CONTRATEMPOS, the monthly programme dedicated to drum’n’bass and its derivatives at Collect in downtown Lisboa, DJ Ki is a vinyl-loving, multifaceted turntablist with a knack for technique and selection. It was in 1998 that he discovered Jungle and drum’n’bass, but it was in 2003 that he began to take his first steps as a DJ, specialising in “broken beats” and “drum and bass”. Since then, the Portuguese turntablist has appeared in many of the main cabins in Portugal and abroad, such as Europa, Ministerium, Faktory, Porto Rio and Cross Club in Prague and Krzysztofory in Krakow, at festivals including Jardim Sonoro, Outjazz, and Boom Festival, and at numerous events run by Kalimodjo, one of the leading drum’n’bass promoters in Portugal. His devotion to scratching led DJ Ki to become Vice-Champion of DMC Portugal 2008, Vice-Champion of SCRATCH at IDA Portugal 2012 and Champion of the SA SCRATCH League 13/14. Soon after, Ki founded the Scratchers Anónimos collective, dedicated to promoting and publicising Portuguese SCRATCH. He has also contributed his own cuts to two instrumental albums produced by Kilu (High Like and Faya Like Flames).

datacentre – DARC – Desterro


11 Jan 2024




Calçada do Desterro 7, 1150-241 Lisboa

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