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Bulego - Musicbox Lisboa

Bulego – Musicbox Lisboa

In just three years, BULEGO has achieved unprecedented growth, rapidly establishing itself as one of the flagship projects in the Basque Country. The band has topped the Gaztea charts multiple times with songs like “Pizten Ari Da,” “Suzko Erroberak,” and “¡Bueltan Da!!!,” the latter of which was also selected as the song of the summer in 2021 by this specialized music station.

Undoubtedly, one of BULEGO’s most distinctive and prominent features is its commitment to the Basque language. The band has infused the richness and poetry of the Basque language, or Euskera, into their lyrics and songs, adding a unique cultural and linguistic dimension to their music. By singing in Basque, they have contributed to preserving and promoting this ancient language, enriching the cultural diversity of the Basque Country and taking their message to both local and international audiences. This linguistic choice has not only defined their identity as a group but has also resonated deeply with their audience, allowing their music to transcend borders and become a powerful vehicle for expressing Basque identity.

In live performances, they made their stage debut a week before the lockdown, but this did not deter them. They became the first group to organize and deliver an open-air concert in the Basque Country during the pandemic. Another defining event for the band was their 2021 tour of nursing homes, undertaken amid the pandemic, demonstrating their support for this group at that challenging time.

Always innovating and seeking to surprise their audience, they exclusively presented their debut album to passersby on Bilbao’s Gran Vía with a silent concert from the window of the iconic Sala BBK. They kicked off their “Erdian Oraina” (“The Present in the Center”) album tour with a concert they designed themselves for a 360-degree experience, with the band performing on a stage in the center and the audience surrounding them at Tabakalera in Donostia. Following the presentation, they embarked on a tour with over 50 dates across Spain and internationally, including appearances at BBK Live, Sonorama Ribera, EHZ, and Ezcafest, visiting cities like Madrid, Valencia, Barcelona, and Zaragoza, as well as countries such as France and Finland.

In 2023, BULEGO has graced the most prominent stages in the Basque Country, with Donostia-San Sebastian being particularly popular, drawing more than 15,000 spectators.

Without a doubt, BULEGO is fully embracing the present. Excitingly, it is anticipated that in 2024, the band will unveil their second album and embark on a European tour, visiting cities such as Paris, Bordeaux, Barcelona, Madrid, Santiago, Lisbon and Brussels, taking their music and cultural commitment beyond the borders of the Basque Country.


Bulego – Musicbox Lisboa


14 Mar 2024


22:00 - 22:00


MusicBox Lisboa
MusicBox Lisboa
R. Nova do Carvalho 24, 1200-019 Lisboa
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