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Warehouse curated by Elektra

Warehouse curated by Elektra

we are beyond excited to share with you our upcoming event which will take place on 01.03.2024 at a warehouse which is core to Elektra’s identity in Germany. Arroz Estúdios is an industrial studio space and warehouse venue based in Beato, East Lisbon. their goal is to offer an environment for artistic growth where cultural events take place, contributing to Lisbon’s development in a creative, open and multi-cultural way. currently, the space is facing eviction, limiting the association’s potential impact. let’s get involved and support this outstanding initiative by creating once again an unforgettable night full of emotions, rousing music, and ecstatic dance at this unique location. Arroz Estúdios is a non-profit cultural association, a membership is required to enter. membership fee is €3 and is valid for the whole year.

Warehouse curated by Elektra


01 Mar 2024




Arroz Estúdios
Av. Infante Dom Henrique, 1900-320 Lisboa
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