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TUMULTUM with Noneoftheabove [NL]⁠

TUMULTUM with Noneoftheabove [NL]⁠

Yoeri is a DJ and producer from Rotterdam, co-owner of TheAbove Records platform and part of the DJ duo Noneoftheabove. He has been producing techno since his mid-teens but it wasn’t until 2015 that he played his first show as Noneoftheabove. “Straight forward techno” is how he describes his distinctive sound: a mix of hardcore, industrial, acid techno and schranz (a German word describing a type of relentless techno). He sees electronic music as a tool to break boundaries, performing at festivals and clubs globally, with sets full of the same kind of raw energy we’re used to hearing in his own productions. Line up: _ Noneoftheabove [NL] _ Dilen _ Karll _ Soft

TUMULTUM with Noneoftheabove [NL]⁠


03 Fev 2023




Rua 2 da Matinha, Edifício Verde, 2º dtº, 1950-073 Lisboa

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