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The Brazilian Jonas Rocha, known as Joutro Mundo, blends native Brazilian

TROPICANA: Joutro Mundo, Sonido Tupinamba & Residente

This edition promises pure musical nectar, with a vibrant fusion of disco-house, Brazilian grooves, Latin, and Afro-tropical influences, creating a unique energy that will set the dance floor on fire. Two international acts and our resident DJs will keep the beats going all night long!

:: LINE-UP ::

Joutro Mundo (Rio de Janeiro, Brazil)
Sonido Tupinamba (Barcelona, Spain)
Tropicana DJs: Vicky.P b2b Sacch (Lisbon, Portugal)

Buy Tickets here: https://shotgun.live/events/tropicana-joutro-mundo-sonido-tupinamba-residents?utm_source=cartaz-cultural


Joutro Mundo: The Brazilian Jonas Rocha, known as Joutro Mundo, blends native Brazilian rhythms with electronic grooves, creating an engaging and dynamic sound journey that explores the connection between traditional and modern. His collaborations, such as the EP Semillero and the award-winning album Inú with Xiti Nukini, showcase his creativity and commitment to honoring cultural heritage.

Sonido Tupinamba: The Argentine DJ, based in Barcelona, blends Afro-tropical influences with disco, funk, and house, in eclectic and vibrant sets that create the perfect soundtrack for the dance floor. Founder of the Poly-Rythmo Club, she is also a resident at the Glove Party and promotes gender equality in the music industry through the She Said So community.

TROPICANA DJs (Vicky.P b2b Sacch): They mix Brazilian grooves and disco-house, exploring Brazil’s electronic music scene in a contemporary way. Their sets include remixes, edits, and covers from various music producers, released by Tropicana Records, creating an engaging and captivating experience.


Date: Saturday, May 25th, 2024
Location: Micro Club (inside LXFactory)
Address: R. Rodrigues de Faria 103, 1300-501 Lisbon
Hours: 10:30 pm – 3:00 am

Tickets here: https://shotgun.live/events/tropicana-joutro-mundo-sonido-tupinamba-residents?utm_source=cartaz-cultural


At TROPICANA, we welcome all people, with no room for discrimination or harassment. If you encounter any uncomfortable situation, please inform our team at the door for immediate assistance.

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25 - 26 Mai 2024


22:30 - 3:00


Micro Club - Lx Factory
Rua Rodrigues de Faria 103, Lisboa
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