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The Cube #14 - Boiler Edition W Ribé (ES), Podryzhanya (UA)

The Cube #14 – Boiler Edition W/ Ribé (ES), Podryzhanya (UA)

We’re back for another The Cube! For this edition we prepared something very special. Get ready to see artists who are standing out in Spain, France, Ukraine, Portugal and Brazil inside the cube. In this Boiler format edition, where the lights and music will take you to another dimension, we want to know: are you ready to live this experience? First artist released: Line up: – Ribé (spain) (polegroup/axis) Because Ribé is the synthesis of a whole life dedicated to techno, without taboos, without rules, but with rigidity, severity, and an almost sickly desire to create new sounds. – Podryzhania (ukraine) (shum rave) Because she believes the bass is power, the melody is love-giving, and the hi-hats fill the body with energy to the tips of the toes.

And we agree with that!

The Cube #14 – Boiler Edition W/ Ribé (ES), Podryzhanya (UA)


24 Fev 2023




NADA Lisboa
Rua 2 da Matinha, Edifício Verde, 2º dtº, 1950-073 Lisboa

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