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Tap Tempo - Micro Music Club

Tap Tempo – Micro Music Club

Welcome to the first edition of Tap Tempo ! Tap Tempo aim to gather producers, djs and music enthusiasts the time of a night. The Micro Music Club receive Tap Tempo the 12th of January. It is a nice free entrance club in the middle of one of the main artistic and commercial area of Lisbon : LX Factory. For this first edition, we will enjoy nice strain of house music and its various subgenres : minimal house, deep house, speed garage and some out of the box tracks that our djs have the secret : 22h – 00h DMNT 00h – 1h30 Payeta 1h30 – 3h Simoncello b2b Nu Selva Greetings ! Definition of Tap Tempo : The Tap Tempo feature lets the user define a bpm of the active track based on keyboard input. This feature is usfeul for live operation when you want visuals or guitar pedal to match tightly to the beat but where no other timecode input is available.

Tap Tempo – Micro Music Club


12 Jan 2024




Micro Music Club
R. Rodrigues de Faria 103, 1300-501 Lisboa
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