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SYSTEM EXCLUSIVE [Castle Face] concerto no lounge!

SYSTEM EXCLUSIVE [Castle Face] | concerto no lounge!

Novo duo da Califórnia composto por Ari Blaisdell (Lower Self, The Beat Offs) e Matt Jones (Male Gaze, sócio da Castle Face). Música a nascer de uma colecção de mini-sintetizadores, numa odisseia synth-pop guiada por batidas cruas com referências do post-punk. O LP de estreia saiu em Março via Castle Face (Oh Sees, Ty Segall, White Fence, ++).

21:00 portas 21:30 SYSTEM EXCLUSIVE concerto 23:00 MÁRIO VALENTE dj set

http://systemexclusive.bandcamp.com/ https://www.instagram.com/system.exclusive

“Ari’s irony-free delivery is an ideal fit against Jones’ drum machines and makes for a very vibey and cool record.” – New Noise Magazine

“Another scorcher out of the Castle Face stable […] arpeggiated pop that mixes a love for German Progressive pulses and ‘90s synth punk alike (think Le Tigre and shades of YYY’s). While there’s certainly a lean into the post-punk trickle down into the early aughts, the band clearly grabs on tighter to the the more propulsive end of the Teutonic ‘70s.” – Raven Sings the Blues

“A post-apocalyptic, post-punk electro bop […] Ari Blaisdell’s siren-like vocals lure the listener into the doomed dance that is Game of the Fool” – Analogue Trash

“A track full of throbbing and almost abusive goth synth-rock that keeps it coming in a bizarre cycle of hypnotic bliss.” – Glide

“Marries current garage rock with classic synthpop a la The Human League or Depeche Mode” – Brooklyn Vegan

“Suddenly, this unassuming glide has turned into a super-sonic flight. It sounds like a mix of My Baby’s voodoo psychedelia and Peter Bjorn and John’s ‘Young Folks,’ and it’s awesome.” – The Revue

Speaking on the new record, Ari Blaisdell wrote: “We mostly wrote the album during the pandemic, a time when a lot of people were reflecting and self examining. We were no different, taking stock of our personal and musical roots, I think that’s why the album is such a mashup of genres. We both have gone through so many musical phases and it was a good time to comb through the decades and pull what we liked from all of them. Lyrically, I really let it all out and wrote from the heart, I processed a lot of things I glossed over for so many years. We recorded it 3 times in our backyard and by the third try we really felt we captured what we were trying to portray.”

System Exclusive Bio: “Often when music is constructed with synths and other electronically generated sound makers, their level of exactitude and control is such that the vocalist will either wittingly or otherwise seek to emulate the relative artifice of the soundscape. This is often done to great effect, think Kraftwerk. But what if there was a unit whose music was synth-generated but the vocals were coming from a hot-blooded, singing-for-the-cheap-seats approach? If done well, it’s a case of two great tastes that taste great together, which brings me to System Exclusive. Their multi genre/time period collision is like a car accident where all parties walk away not only unscathed but sure they had a great time, like two different recording sessions sharing the same space and making it work. Vocalist Ari Blaisdell (previously of Lower Self, The Beat Offs) co-exists excellently amidst the driving beats and synth waves and her guitar further helps to jailbreak the tunes from the often sterile entrapments that synths provide. Matt Jones (previously of Male Gaze, Blasted Canyons, and continuing Castle Face behind-the-scenesman)’s smart use of live drums bring great juxtaposition against the machines. Ari’s irony-free sincere delivery is the perfect closer on this very cool record, recorded ably by Enrique Tena Padilla (Osees, Wand, Beach House) in their backyard studio mid-pandemic and adorned with original artwork by Miles Wintner (L.A. Takedown, Mr. Elevator, Devon Williams). If you don’t get this slab of goodness, well, that act of non-compliance will confirm you as the pain-in-the-ass that many have described you to be in great detail during Zoom chats. How dare they! Prove them wrong! Reduce their snark to mere pseudo-intellectual piffle! Your lifeline arrives in March. Grab it.” – Henry Rollins


08 Fev 2023




Rua da Moeda 1, 1200-275 Lisboa

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