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Raiders of the Lost Darc Episode II

Raiders of the Lost Darc

// Raiders of the Lost Darc – Episode II // **********************************************

// DJs // – Idle Rich (Invisible Sounds) – Harrison IV (dARC) // Live Performance // – Lines of Flight *************************

Idle Rich and Harrison IV light up the Darcness with the pulsing flashing energy of EBM, the irresistible pounding bass weight of new beat and the searing whipcrack of acid. You won’t be able to see a thing so follow the beat and you will feel. > Lines of Flight [live/Performance] < Lines of Flight, a term developed by Gilles Deleuze and Félix Guattari in A Thousand Plateaus (1987), designates an infinitesimal possibility of escape; it is the elusive moment when change happens, as it was bound to, when a threshold between two paradigms is crossed. “Line of flight” is Brian Massumi’s English translation of the French “ligne de fuite,” where “fuite” means the act of fleeing or eluding but also flowing, leaking (1987:xvii).


11 Fev 2023




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