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Química 41 with Ana Pacheco x Sauvage x João Melgueira x Vitor Domingos

Química #41 with Ana Pacheco x Sauvage x João Melgueira x Vitor Domingos

Quimica starts the 2023 season returning to Arroz Estudios for its 41st edition, featuring two very special guests from Porto — piercing acid gems, ritualistic broken beats, obscure downtempo b-sides and precise house/techno/electro selections will be heard throughout the East Lisbon warehouse. Ana Pacheco breaks the barriers of genres with her will to blend different types of sounds, driving dancers through a space-time bending music trip, cruising through organic, primitive or synthesized and mechanical, from visceral to sophisticated, from folk to electronic, constantly digging through the universal songbook. Deep explorer of electronic music, Sauvage mixes his precise picks with ease and elegance. The DJ dives into the depths of electro and its variants, blending them with house and techno tracks that travel blissfully through bodies across the dancefloor. Resident João Melgueira is one of the founders of Química and of Alienação Records. In his portfolio he counts a large number of gigs from South to North in multiple Portuguese clubs and festivals: ZDB, Damas, Le Baron, Rive Rouge, NADA Temple, Bons Sons, MUPA, Pizzanight, among many others. A DJ known for his eclecticism and sleight of hand — you can find him destroying a dancefloor with the filthiest acid, or being a selecta on a beach bar picking hidden gems of jazz and world music. Vitor Domingos is also a Química founder and the new Química resident. He has worked with music for over a decade, dedicated to creating and promoting events, mostly known for MUPA festival in Beja. He has been DJing since 2017, playing sets that tend to follow a line of intensity while travelling through different genres. Whether you’re hearing ominous downtempo tracks and slowed down broken beats, or shrieking acid bangers and tension building gqom chants — Vitor delivers a fun and mental trip in his sessions. VERY LIMITED early bird tickets are available for €5 now. Price will rise to €7 on the second phase, which will start when the early bird tickets sell out. Final price rise to €9 will happen when the second phase sells out, or on the 20th of January at 00:01. We also have tickets at door.

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Química #41 with Ana Pacheco x Sauvage x João Melgueira x Vitor Domingos


22 Jan 2023




Arroz Estúdios
Av. Infante Dom Henrique, 1900-320 Lisboa

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