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Quee(r)n Moustache with AZM

Quee(r)n Moustache with AZM

Quee(r)n Moustache, second edition here we go. You know us already, we are your new queer lisboet rendez vous. We’re here we’re queer, we’re out and loud. We are leaving our little Purex nest for something nastier, bigger with a proper sound system to sweat sweat sweat the night away with our guest being no-one better than dear AZM. Activist since the early days for the emancipation of house music in Saudi Arabia, his birth country, AZM is part of “those people” creating, proposing and eventually playing. Resident of the renown festival MDLBeast in Jeddah that program acts like Tale of us to name of a few, AZM propose an oniric house trip, sometimes sexy, sometimes iconic. No-one else than Kemetic to go with the flow. From Paris to Lisbon, from disco to italo. From electro to ebm and indie, from glitters to nasty beats, you’ll never know what to expect from him except a tornado of solid good energy. Fascinated by the queer culture that go from the 70s up to the 90s, Kemetic gives up a style that smells sweat and will make your butt dance. Q. M is a queer party for queer people and their friends. Q. M empowers all genders and no genders. We see the dancefloor as both a safe and a healing place. Q. M condemns any form of prejudice nor tolerates verbal and of course physical violence within its walls. Q. M is body positive and accept everyone for what they are. Come as you are, have fun the way you want to have fun. Consentment is key, act with kindness. Time : 10 PM – 3 AM Adress : Micro Music Club : Rua Rodrigues de Faria 103 Price : 5e. If you can’t afford one, simply send a dm on our instagram page.

Quee(r)n Moustache with AZM


24 Jun 2023




Micro Club - Lx Factory
Rua Rodrigues de Faria 103, Lisboa