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PESTANA BASSANA (concerto) no Lounge

PESTANA / BASSANA (concerto) no Lounge

21:00 portas 21:30 PESTANA / BASSANA (concerto) 23:00 kierastaboy (dj set) entrada gratuita

Pestana/Bassana is the gathering of electric guitar players Sula Bassana and Pedro Pestana, this being the frst glimpse of their kosmische-joint-venture. Both of them have been a regular presence in the psychedelic/space/neo-kraut rock scene in the past decade. German mult-instrumentalist Dave Schmidt, aka Sula Bassana, has been a leading fgure in this midst. Since the 90’s, he has released several albums under this moniker and also with his other projects Zone Six, Interkosmos and Krautzone as well as with his former bands Electric Moon, Liquid Visions, Growing Seeds, Weltraumstaunen, Psychedelic Monsterjam or Südstern 44. He is also the founder of psychedelic rock label Sulatron Records. Pedro Pestana, from Portugal, mostly plays guitar and pedals. His projects include 10 000 Russos, who stretched the boundaries between psych rock and EDM and released the bulk of their work on Fuzz Club Records, Talea Jacta, built around ethno-techno principles, and Tren Go! Sound System, his loop based solo where genre plays no role. Among others, he also collaborated with the likes of Ornamental or Daniel Catarino and had a couple of stnts with Dreamweapon. Together they take their space travelling guitar playing to new heights that you can listen to on their Early Demos released earlier this year.

https://soundcloud.com/user-482448863/sets/pestanabassana htp://linktr.ee/pedropestana htp://www.sulabassana.de/ htp://www.sulabassana.bandcamp.com/

PESTANA / BASSANA (concerto) no Lounge


16 Jun 2023




Rua da Moeda 1, 1200-275 Lisboa

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