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Nephel's Dream Europe Tour - Lisbon

Nephel’s Dream Europe Tour – Lisbon

To all ART & MUSIC lovers and web3 community, prepare to live a night in the stars through Nephel’s Dream, at the BOA on friday, Feb. 10th ! After the inauguration in Barcelona in december, the Nephel’s Dream Tour across Europe makes its next stop in Lisbon with a new exhibition & live performance event ! Nephel’s Dream is a one-of-a-kind visual & musical tale, by the joint work of the electronic music group dOP and the multidisciplinary visual artist Alexis Olin, offering an unprecedented artwork through image and sound. In 25 songs and illustrations in a unique style, it tells the journey a child called Nephel, born at the border between Romania and Ukraine, between reality and supernatural. Visitors will be unveiled this rich artistic project, its special atmosphere and its digital-to-physical art and NFTs, bridging digital art and in-real-life experiences, through an exciting PROGRAM including : – An exhibition around the artwork with the artists presentation, in collaboration with NFC, Artsies and Chilibangs Lisbon – A private art sale of the a pre-series of the NFT collection linked to the artwork, with associated physical pieces – A concert with the music of the Nephel’s Dream album, composed and performed by dOP- DJ set live music and encounter with the artists – A free mint of the Nephel’s Dream membership for those who have a cryptowallet 🙂 Important note A ticket will be mandatory for attending the Nephel’s experience & show, starting at 8pm, even for people already present at the exhibition open door starting at 6pm.


Nephel’s Dream Europe Tour – Lisbon


10 Fev 2023




Rua da Boavista 73, 1200-178 Lisboa

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