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ins3kt Ræve DJ TOOL, Marum, Sasha Theft

ins3kt Ræve: DJ TOOL, Marum, Sasha Theft

Crawling and buzzing into this unearthly réve on March 17th, we are delighted to fly in DJ TOOL, debuting at our own hive planeta manas, together with our proletarias Dj’insectas marum & Sasha Theft. We’ll start swarming early at 9pm with a workshop on the history of psychedelia, precautions and pleasures, as well as current non-recreational applications, with our psychonauts mar and quendera. A laser-craft euphoria by quendera with unleash trippy beams all over the hive while Postcarbon braids silky drapes into a chrysalis for soothing-morphosis through the night. Come get bugged ˚✧₊ ins3kt Ræve is a celebration of psychedelic insect music, nested in progressive and psy trance and ranging outwards to deep organic dub, quicksand, and experimental clicky mandibles. Affinity with queer coders and to bio and chem lab bees, ins3kt Ræve bonds Lisbon and Berlin hives, with love-ramifications in music, science, technology, ecology, and psychedelia.

⬤ ✶ No form of prejudice will be accepted in our events: we are a community space with zero tolerance for racism, transphobia, homophobia, fatphobia or any kind of discrimination towards your fellow ravers ✶ DM for address – this is a members-only venue, you can make your membership card at the door ✶ This is a cash-only event ✶ If you would like to join but cannot afford a ticket this time, DM us ✶

ins3kt Ræve: DJ TOOL, Marum, Sasha Theft


17 Mar 2023




Planeta Manas

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