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Goodbye Party @ B.Leza

Goodbye Party @ B.Leza

It has become tradition to do our After / Goodbye Party
Saying this we want to invite you all to join us for a last night of good music, good dances in one of the most iconic Kizomba Clubs in Lisbon: B.Leza
Next to Tagus River with a beautiful Glass wall allowing us to see the moon shinning in the water together with Djs Oceano and Rock we’re going to bring you down to Earth making the last party of LIKE Lisbon XI
We look forward to welcome you
Admission: 6€
Music at the fingers of
Dj Oceano
Dj Rock

Goodbye Party @ B.Leza


19 Set 2022


B.Leza Clube


B.Leza Clube
Cais Gás 1, 1200-161 Lisboa

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