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Final Rice by andco - Arroz Estúdios

Final Rice by andco – Arroz Estúdios

Arroz Estúdios was our home for the past year. Not just for us, but for the Lisbon scene, Arroz (and their beautiful team) showed us it’s possible to have a space where creativity meets hospitality, and where profit comes as a possible consequence and not as a goal. Arroz is closing in March – just like several other Lisbon venues that have been expelled from their buildings in exchange for allegedly more profitable ventures. This mass gentrification reflects a broader concern about the infiltration of big corporations on cultural spaces: as cherished hubs for music, arts, and culture, these venues contribute significantly to the local artistic community. This corporatization, in turn, not only diminishes the unique character of the city but also compromises the right for artists, promoters and curators to express themselves. In defiance of the impending corporate makeover of Arroz Estúdios, we have decided to organize one last extended gathering to celebrate the memories woven into the fabric of this cultural space – a final rice. Recognizing that the electronic music scene itself was born out of a necessity for people to have a safe and inclusive space for expression, this event will serve as both a nostalgic farewell and a protest against the intrusion of profit-driven motives on cultural hubs. By channelling the spirit of resistance and resilience that music embodies, we aim to underscore the importance of preserving such spaces for future generations. We’ve put together an intimate lineup, handpicked with care, featuring friends and artists we truly admire. Our paramount focus while curating it was to craft a seamless narrative that unfolds organically from start to finish, all the while diversifying the selection and indulging our auditory senses.


Final Rice by andco – Arroz Estúdios


24 Fev 2024




Arroz Estúdios
Av. Infante Dom Henrique, 1900-320 Lisboa
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