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Awakening Intensive Lisbon with Mooji - Aula Magna

Awakening Intensive Lisbon with Mooji – Aula Magna

3/04 ÀS 17:00 – 7/04 ÀS 13:00
This Facebook group is to help participants of the Awakening Intensive communicate with each other about housing and travels.
This Awakening Intensive is a great opportunity to be immersed in 5 days of direct spiritual guidance and profound meditation with Moojibaba. These live Satsangs will take place in the beautiful city of Lisbon, Portugal.
If you have been following the recent Satsangs and Online Retreats, you will be aware that a significant shift is happening in the way that Satsang is being shared and experienced. In addition to addressing the many questions and challenges presented by seekers on the path, what is strikingly new and powerful is that most sessions include a guided exercise for abiding in the state of Beingness under Moojibaba’s loving and supportive presence.
Through this sitting exercise which he calls, ‘A Commitment to Self-Discovery’, more and more seekers are confirming the joy, inner silence and clarity arising from the non-dual realisation of the Self. Even people new to the search for truth are finding this ‘Just Be’ exercise very relatable, immediate and unexpectedly profound.
It is important that all those joining this intensive have a genuine urge for Self discovery, are familiar with this latest guidance, and feel inspired to work with it in a dedicated way

Awakening Intensive Lisbon with Mooji ~ 3-7 April 2024


03 - 07 Abr 2024




Edifício da Reitoria, Alameda da Universidade, Lisboa
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