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Arroz NYE - Baile XRK & Skeletal

Arroz NYE – Baile XRK & Skeletal

Celebrate this new year in style with a two room extravaganza from two of Lisbon’s hottest collectives. The Ind1go Kids girls will host the warehouse with their Baile de XRK, maximum vibes LGBTQ+ Brazilian party. While room 2 will play host to the dark sounds of Skeletal with UK electronic music pioneer Mosca, local favourites Lizatron [Invisible Sounds] & Snr. DuBong [Mystic Fiyah] and Skeletal & Arroz Estudios resident Budget Pope. Get ready for an ecstatic mix of Brazilian party vibes and high quality underground electronic music!


Arroz NYE – Baile XRK & Skeletal


31 Dez 2023




Arroz Estúdios
Av. Infante Dom Henrique, 1900-320 Lisboa
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