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Solsticio Fantasma

Solsticio Fantasma

Join 22nd June for Solsticio Fantasma, an ethereal night of shimmering soundscapes cast in the shadow of the summer equinox. This incandescently divine evening of improvised sets will conjure celestial apparitions from a few hypnotic musicians. https://fb.me/e/Tn5Lqiuk 18h00 – Doors 20h00 – Vuduvum Vadavã (live) 21h00 – Jung and Tagen & Eric Frye short film 21h30 – Luce Celestiale (live) Suggested donation: 6p The Italo-Spanish cosmic couple Luce Celestiale (@Artetetra Tapes) concocts an alchemical aura of atmospheric sounds. Andalusian painter Lorena Serrano Rodriguez and Tuscan electronic sorcerer Devid Ciampalini, also known for his works with New Jooklo Age, Metzengerstein and for being the founder of label/collective Ambient Noise Sessions. The core idea for the project came while the duo was travelling to Fès in May 2019, where, at least allegedly, the artists witnessed a sort of “new celestial light”. A naif, hybrid vision focused on the improvisation and composition of electronic and electroacoustic music through the use of FM synthesizers, magnetic tapes manipulation and collected field recordings. Their combination of cosmic music and imaginary flows is an investigation into immaterial music and interior, spontaneous creation. Luce Celestiale’s quixotic sounds invites us into an introspective supernatural glow of non-representative tales and unfathomable happenings. https://lucecelestiale.bandcamp.com/ Vuduvum Vadavã is Marta (Von Calhau!)’s solo-project where she propels us into her viscerally charged polyphonic arena of undulating rhythms. Marta Angela is a multi-disciplinary artist that delves into neo-theatrical performativity that merges mysticism, acoustic instruments, field-recordings, esotericism & electronica into a single body of unworldly experiences. Her mercurial incantations are an ode to the musical muses that awaken sounds from subterranean altars of body and spirit. The paralinguistic plasticity of Vuduvum Vadavã’s work will beguile and bend some mind circuits. From Past to Future, Passing Us Like Ghosts is a short film composed of Jung An Tagen’s abstract textualities illuminated on-screen with a splintering music score by Eric Frye. Both sound artists compose this collaborative video work with renewed ritualistic aesthetics—a synaesthesian body that sways between repetition and dissonance. The piece meanders through several planar dimensions of sound and image, where voice montage and phantom phrasings loom in haunting vestiges of claro-escuro excursions. https://www.jungantagen.xyz/ https://www.ericanthonyfrye.com/ DJ 67memoriesofu swerves between sets and sounds of intoxicating textures that trickle down the psyche. Campolide and Cosmos residency DJ’s aleatoric arrays of sounds will have you simultaneously gravitate to the dancefloor and make you melt into the sofa. An evening of unfathomably confounding sounds on a night brimming with light


22 Jun 2023




Cosmos - Campolide
Rua Marquês de Fronteira, 163 1070-294 Lisboa

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