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Meaningful Conversation - Theme DARK SIDE

Meaningful Conversation – Theme: DARK SIDE

👉 LIMITED SPOTS – RESERVE YOUR SPOT HERE: https://www.meetup.com/evolution-tribe/events/ Enjoy an evening of Meaningful Conversation in a safe and vulnerable environment 🧠 Meaningful Conversation is an Intellectual Club that involves curious and open-minded discussion about a proposed theme, and encourages participants to share their diverse perspectives. By creating a safe and respectful environment where everyone’s opinion is valued. These conversations can lead to deeper understanding and connections between people. They also encourage authenticity, critical thinking, creativity, and problem-solving by challenging participants to consider different points of view, approaches and to build on each other’s ideas. Ultimately, Meaningful Conversation sessions mean to inspire personal growth and positive change.

👉 Theme for discussion – DARK SIDE 👉 Location: Selina’s Secret Garden – Experience Room

👉 Hard start at 8:00 p.m., please be on time, so we don’t have to explain the rules every time someone new joins


👉 This session is donation-based, starting at 5€ (cash, MB WAY, Revolut and PayPal options are available) Structure of the event: – Starting from 19h30 we meet at the Selina’s restaurant to mingle and chat – At 20h00 we move to Selina’s Experience Room, people can take along their drinks, snacks and food from the restaurant – Each person will propose and present 1-2 topics of discussion within the main theme – DARK SIDE – We will vote and start the discussions from most voted to least voted. We’ll try to get as many proposed topics as possible – The minimum time for discussion of each topic is 10 minutes and the maximum time is around 20 minutes. We’ll vote on whether to continue with that topic or move on to the next one – Hard finish at 20h00 – As a tradition after every session, we go out for some pizza

🍕 Your host: Yev

👣 https://www.instagram.com/simpleyev/

He started as a Toastmaster, then participated in open-mic’s where he declared poetry, did storytelling, stand-up comedy, rapped, sang and danced. He attended the renowned Evoé – acting school and later fell in love with improv theater. Today he is a Personal Development and Communication coach, master of ceremonies, improv theater facilitator and open-mic host. He is a social innovator with a goal to improve human education. It drives him to create safe spaces where people can nourish their Authenticity, Critical Thinking and Creativity. He is known for his enormous positivity, enthusiasm and passion for impact. [Join our Evolution Tribe ✨ community on WhatsApp for exclusive meetings and insights 🌿] https://chat.whatsapp.com/IpvVeOL0D0yHDxcUy34nU7 See you there 🙂

Meaningful Conversation – Theme: DARK SIDE


30 Ago 2023




Selina (Secret Garden Lisboa)
Beco Carrasco nº1, 1200-096 Lisboa, Portugal - Lisboa

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