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Karirimbola - Cleison Monteiro & Weskley Sousa

Karirimbola – Cleison Monteiro & Weskley Sousa

Saturday 14th at 9:00 PM

“Karirimbola” is a project created by Weskley Sousa from Ceará and Cleison Monteiro from Pará. In this concert they will unite their regional music background: the north and northeast of Brazil. Both with a career based on the incessant search for reinvention, explore new ways of playing the guitar, focusing on rhythmic innovation, expressing their identities and authenticity through their instruments. Contemporary nuances are inevitable in this presentation full of surprises and stories to tell. @cleison_monteiro_ @weskleysousa @karirimbola

Entrance: 4€ (Cash Only) – Contribution for the artists

If you’ve never been to La Sharada before you should also know that we serve AUTHENTIC ITALIAN PIZZA, Cocktails and craft beers, the best craft beer in town that is also sponsoring this event, @doiscorvos !!

Karirimbola – Cleison Monteiro & Weskley Sousa


14 Jan 2023




La Sharada
R. Jacinta Marto 10b, 1150-192 Lisboa

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