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How we’ve created a business travelling the world

In 2013, after almost ten years of working for Citibank, we decided to quit, get married and live in a rooftop tent while travelling the world by car.
… and suddenly (nine years later) it has become the way we live our lives.
In the last nine years we have not only visited more than 125 countries together, but also published four hardcover books, produced and started a TV Show sponsored by Microsoft, and worked with some of the biggest companies in the world.
Jumping from one country to another, we have embarked on a journey bigger than we ever expected.
And now we´re going to tell our story.
If you like entrepreneurship, travel talks and meeting nice people, come join us!
After the talk you´re also invited to join us for an interactive discussion about how we have built this business – the challenges, the mistakes, the life changes…
Bring your doubts, questions and curiosities. We´ll get together and share experiences. This is the time everyone gets to know each other better.
This is a night to bring new perspectives on business and embrace new possibilities.
Join us!

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The Base:

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02 Set 2022


19:00 - 21:00


The Base Coworking
Tv. do Fala-Só 13b · Lisboa

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